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Youthful definition and tightening

Ready to work on your profile and create beautiful definition? Are you curious what jawline filler can do for you?

Starting at $700

Why we love it
Balances and improves overall symmetry of the face
Improves facial contours
Can help tighten loose skin under the chin
Addresses signs of aging like lost volume
Lasts up to 2 years

Is Jawline filler for me? 

Whether you're looking to add definition, create a more beautiful profile or add lost volume, jawline filler may be right for you.

Jawline filler helps to enhance facial symmetry: A defined and balanced jawline can improve the overall symmetry of the face, which can be a desirable trait for many individuals. It i
mproves facial contours. It also helps to address the signs of aging: As we age, the jawline can lose volume and definition, which can contribute to a sagging or jowly appearance. Jawline filler can help to restore volume and improve contours, which can provide a more youthful appearance.

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We proudly use Juvederm products in our clinic, including Juvederm Volux.

Juvederm Volux is the only FDA approved dermal filler for use in the jawline. This filler is extremely robust allowing your expert injector the ability to add beautiful structure and definition to your jawline while still maintaining a natural appearance. 

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